BHRF Publications

Technical Guidance Series
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Water Quality

Kid's Day

Land Management

Staff & Board Changes





Toxic Spill


Fall 2017

Board Member Changes

Cooperative Efforts

102 Birds

Native Fish Restoration

Summer 2017

Big Hole River Day

Fundraising Dinner Invitation

Educational Activities

65th Legislative Review

Mother's Day Caddis

Climate Change Part 2

CCAA 10 Years Later

Regional Science Fair Awards

Foothills Foundation Challenge

2017 Drift Boat Raffle

Kid's Day on the Big Hole

Road Cleanup

Climate Change

IRA Rollover Permanent

Big Hole River Day in Photos

State of the Fishery


Invasive Mussels in the Missouri

Trout in the Classroom

New Fishing Access Site

Grayling Status Update

Events and agendas 

Lessons in Conservation

Science Fair Award Winners

Water for Grayling

Algae and Eutrophication

Species Spotlight on Stoneflies

2016 Drift Boat Raffle Early Bird Special

Trout in the Classroom

BMI at Twin Bridges School

A Good Friend Lost (Mary Merino)

Moose Creek Meadow Fencing

What does Interstitial Spaces Mean?

Hyde Drift Boat Raffle Result

Wild Mint

Readership Survey Results

Stewardship Fencing, Does it Work?

Big Hole River Day

New Board Members

Hyde Drift Boat Raffle Ending Soon

Rod Raffle Result

Birding Along the Big Hole

Generational Ranching

Sweetgrass Rod Raffle

Kid's Day on the Big Hole

Annual Road Clean-up Set

Brown Trout Fungus in the Big Hole

Trout in the Classroom

Science Fair Awards

Sweetgrass Rod Raffle

Technical Guidance Series

Riparian Buffers

Annual Dinner Photos

Fence Projects

2014 Income & Expenses 

Grayling Listing Not Warranted

Sweetgrass Rod Raffle

New Board Member Bill Melvin

Driftboat Winner

Big Hole River Day Recap

Didymo (Rock Snot)

Second Annual Fly Gear Swap

Drift Boat Raffle Announcement

Arctic Grayling Recovery Program

Online Auctions

Western Toad


Science Fair Winners

Grayling Listing Status

Foundation Trivia

Kid's Day Memorials

American Dipper

Aquatic Plants

2013 Year End Report

Watershed Sourcebook Now Available
Big Hole River Day and Raffle Results
Fencing, Cutthroat & Access Projects Completed
River Hazard Signs

Big Hole River Day and Invitation

Swamp Creek Siphon Project

Hoot-Owl Fishing Closures

Birding Along the Big Hole

Kid's Day

Fly Fishing Film Festival & Gear Swap
Arctic Grayling Recovery Projects
FWP Reduces Intensive Electrofishing
Species Spotlight: Long-toed Salamander

We protect, conserve, and enhance the free-flowing Big Hole River and its unique culture, fisheries, and wildlife.

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The Big Hole River Foundation is a 501(C)(3) public charity.
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