The Big Hole River Foundation is a 501(C)(3) public charity.
Big Hole River Foundation
PO Box 176
Divide, Montana 59727
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BHRF Programs

Stewardship Fencing

We help landowners construct and maintain wildlife-friendly fencing to better manage livestock grazing, while protecting and restoring critical riparian areas of the Big Hole River and its tributaries.

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Native Species Restoration

We fund and support projects to restore and conserve populations of native fish species in the Big Hole River and its tributaries. We focus mainly on westslope cutthroat trout and fluvial Arctic grayling, and we support projects including fish passage projects, culvert removal, barriers to prevent non-native colonization.

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Ecological Monitoring

Water quality and macroinvertebrate data are not regularly collected within the Big Hole Watershed. We pursue funding opportunities and conduct monitoring efforts to help fill data gaps. These data are available to agencies, and universities to better manage the Watershed and inform conservation efforts.

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We provide, support, and offer educational opportunities for Big Hole communities. We offer adult education classes and partner with schools and teachers to educate the next generation of Big Hole River users and land stewards.  

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We protect, conserve, and enhance the free-flowing Big Hole River and its unique culture, fisheries, and wildlife.