The River

The Big Hole is a free-flowing (i.e., undammed) 151-mile long river, which is a tributary of the Jefferson River and part of the Upper Missouri River Watershed. Flanked by the Beaverhead, Pintlar, and Pioneer mountains, the Big Hole Valley is surrounded by vast wilderness, national forests, and several national scenic trails.

The Big Hole River supports a world-class trout fishery and is home to the last remnant population of fluvial (i.e., stream-dwelling) Arctic grayling. The Big Hole also supports populations of native westslope cutthroat trout. The Big Hole Basin is home to 47 animal and 79 plant species of concern, including: gray wolf, wolverine, grizzly bear, golden and bald eagles, greater sage-grouse, trumpeter swan, peregrine falcon, and whooping crane.

We protect, conserve, and enhance the free-flowing Big Hole River and its unique culture, fisheries, and wildlife.

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The Big Hole River Foundation is a 501(C)(3) public charity.
Big Hole River Foundation
PO Box 176
Divide, Montana 59727