About BHRF

The Big Hole River Foundation was founded in 1988 by noted Montana conservationist, angler, and fly tier George F. Grant. The Big Hole River Foundation is a nonprofit science-based conservation organization dedicated to defending and conserving the natural and cultural resources of the Big Hole.


For the past 30+ years, BHRF has prevented impoundments and dams, protected river access for the public, and supported pragmatic floodplain development regulations for the Big Hole River. Owing to this work, the Big Hole River flows undammed for its entire 151-mile length, stream bank development is regulated, recreationists enjoy abundant river access opportunities, and managers understand more about the Big Hole's fisheries and ecosystem than ever before.   

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We protect, conserve, and enhance the free-flowing Big Hole River and its unique culture, fisheries, and wildlife.

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The Big Hole River Foundation is a 501(C)(3) public charity.
Big Hole River Foundation
PO Box 176
Divide, Montana 59727